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Re: Lean and clean IMAP client

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 03:53:16PM +0100, me wrote:

| At the moment I am giving mutt a try, and so far have been successful with
| a few glitches in sending mail (the from field is a mess) and the 
| reply-to.  I am trying to fix that now.....

    From: me <rohann@informaat.nl>
what you intended?

You probably configured exim on your machine using the "smarthost and
local delivery" option in eximconfig.  One of the things that sets up
is rewriting addresses in those headers because your machine's name
isn't a valid SMTP domain.  By default programs like 'mail',
'reportbug' and 'mutt' will use $USER@$HOSTNAME as your email address.
In your case that would yield rohann@rohannLinux, but no one (unless
they were on your machine) would be able to send mail to that address.
Exim uses the file /etc/email-addresses to rewrite the address to be
your actual (ISP-provided) email address.  Assuming the above is
correct, you should have an entry
    rohann: rohann@informaat.nl
in /etc/email-addresses.  You will need to do that for each user on
your system.  (you don't need to do it for system users that are
merely redirected to your own local account)

The reply-to address is only needed if you want replies to go to a
different address than you are sending from.  If want that, then put
    my_hdr Reply-To: other@address.example
in your .muttrc.  That header will be subject to the same exim
rewriting as the From: header (eg if you put
"someone_else@rohannLinux" in it, it would be rewritten by looking up
the reall address of "someone_else" in /etc/email-addresses).


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