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Re: Lean and clean IMAP client

* Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [021226 02:15]:
> An alternative you may not have considered is just picking whatever
> mailer works best for you (mutt is quite lean and mean for example), and
> then use an external program to do the imap. Both isync and offlineimap
> do an excellent job of synchronising local mail folders with folders on
> a remote imap server. Then you can use whatever mail reader you like on
> those folders. If you're not using mutt, offlinimap is probably a better
> choice than isync.
Thanks I hadn't thought of that.  I am not concerned at the moment with 
offline access, but will keep it in mind, but I do like the idea of 
choosing your viewer.

At the moment I am giving mutt a try, and so far have been successful with
a few glitches in sending mail (the from field is a mess) and the 
reply-to.  I am trying to fix that now.....
> Other benefits of this approach include being able to read your mail
> while offline, and being able to swap in a different mail reader at will
> without worrying about how good its imap support is.
> -- 
> see shy jo
Thanks again,


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