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Re: xdm locks up keyboard and hogs cpu

Aravind Gottipati wrote:
Hi Don,
I finally figured out why xdm did not work for me. It took me about 2 years.. but I finally found it! I
always used seven terminals (virtual) on the console,
ALT F1 through F7, and the X server for xdm is
hardcoded to start on the seventh terminal.  Since the
two were conflicting, I could not use my keyboard and
it locked up.  I just had to change the config file
/etc/X11/Xservers to point it to the eighth terminal. I am no longer on the debian users list, so feel free
to post this reply if you feel like it.



Don't that beat all! I have noticed the same phenomena here... you beat your head against a problem for months or years and finally post a call for help in utter desparation, then the solution drops into your lap shortly after you hit the "send" button <grin>. I am CC-ing this to the Debian-User's list for info. Unfortunatley, I lost the original thread. Appologies to the list, but the original thread was started about 2-3 days ago if anyone cares to look.

Cheers & Congrats!

-Don Spoon-

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