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Anyone Here Know How to Access Demudi?

I posted this to the DeMuDi mailing lists, but since that list has almost no 
traffic (and the demudi.org and agnula.org sites are down -- again!), I 
thought I might actually get a response if I posted it on this list:

I added the lines to /etc/apt/sources.list that the Demudi site specifies to 
add for access to Demudi packages.  When I did "apt-cache search demudi" I 
was given a number of packages, including a config and menu package.  So I 
installed them.

Nowhere on the Demudi web site (while it was up and running) could I find any 
doc that told me how to access those programs now that they were installed (I 
tried demudi-menu or demudi-config -- whatever the package names were, and 
got "file not found").

So just how does noe install Demudi or Demudi packages on Debian 3.0 so they 
work?  I am most interested in Cinelerra, which is listed as an Agnula 
package (when I go to the Demudi website and click on "Package database" it 
sends me to the Agnula website with a listing that includes Cinelerra), but 
if I try apt-get install Cinelerra, there is no package.  If I try apt-cache 
search Cinelerra, there are no matches.

So just how does one go about installing programs/packages that are listed as 
part of Demudi, but don't seem to be apt-get'able?



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