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IDE SCSI Emulation and USB problem

Hi there:

In order to be able to burn CDs using my ATAPI DVD/CDRW drive, I did the 
followings to get ide-scsi emulation working.

I first loaded the ide-scsi module using modconf.
Then Added the following lines to /etc/modutils/actions

"alias scd0 srmod
alias scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi
options ide-cd ignore=hdc"

Then added the following line to /etc/lilo.conf right after the "root=" line


I rerun lilo, then rebooted and changed /etc/fstab to mount /dev/scd0 instead 
of /dev/cdrom. 

I thouht that was it, I started burning CDs, and everything was OK, untill I 
saw that I have two problems

1. My USB programs can't detect USB devices, e.g gtkam can't detect my digital 
camera, and my mp3 player program can't detect my mp3 player.

2. I Can't play Audio CDs, when I insert an audio CD and then for example run 
"cdplay" it gives me a "nodisc" message. No program is able to see the Audio 

Though these two may seem unrelated to each other, but they both happened 
after the ide scsi emulation thing. I had IDE SCSI emulation when I used 
RedHat 7.3, without any of these problems.

Any Ideas on why these are happenning?


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