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hard drive partitioning questions

i'm installing debian on a brand-new new hard drive on my home system
(i.e., personal usage), and am at the point of making a swap
partition.  cfdisk is up, and i'm trying to figure out what partitions
i should specify.  i'm reading the the woody installation how-tos [1],
and am kind of confused.  

i just bought a new 80G hard drive.  i should partition the whole
thing, right?  i'm thinking:

/dev/hda1 -- / (Linux (83)) -- 100M (is this appropriate?)
/dev/hda2 -- /usr (83) -- 1G (too much?)
/dev/hda3 -- swap (82) -- 128M (i have that much physical RAM, and
             that should be sufficient, right?) should i make this
/dev/hda3 -- /var -- 2 or 3 G, as per suggestion of [1] (i like apt)
/dev/hda4 -- /tmp -- 50M-ish?
/dev/hda5 -- /home -- the rest, all for me :)

have i correctly extracted that these are the partitions i'll need?
does the above sound good?  i'm assuming i can designate them all
later on in the installation process, after i've actually created

there can only be 3 primary partitions if i want a logical one too, if
i've read correctly ... so, do i make the first three primary, and the
rest logical?  or is there a better method to going about it?  it
doesn't really matter, does it?

or, should i forget all of the above, and just go with / and swap?
that seems easier, but are there drawbacks?

also, it's been said that i should use ext3, not ext2.  partition
types 82 and 83 are ext2, no?  am i confused on that? (obviously)
how/when should i change this?

thanks so much,


[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/woody/i386/ch-init-config.en.html

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