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Re: hard drive partitioning questions

On 31/12/02 Nori Heikkinen did speaketh:

> i just bought a new 80G hard drive.  i should partition the whole
> thing, right?  i'm thinking:
> /dev/hda1 -- / (Linux (83)) -- 100M (is this appropriate?)
> /dev/hda2 -- /usr (83) -- 1G (too much?)
> /dev/hda3 -- swap (82) -- 128M (i have that much physical RAM, and
>              that should be sufficient, right?) should i make this
>              hda1?
> /dev/hda3 -- /var -- 2 or 3 G, as per suggestion of [1] (i like apt)
> /dev/hda4 -- /tmp -- 50M-ish?
> /dev/hda5 -- /home -- the rest, all for me :)

    All you really need is swap and /. Making all these partitions ensures
that none can overflow into the other, but it's difficult to forsee exactly
what your needs will be. For example, I have a 100M /tmp partition, and I
thought that would be plenty. Then I started using VMWare. I'm running out of
/tmp space regularly now. 
    I really don't see a problem with just swap and /. 


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