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Re: Running Java program

On Tuesday 31 December 2002 00:28, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 31, 2002 at 12:08:57AM +0330, Aryan Ameri wrote:
> | which java tells me that my java is installed in /usr/bin/java while I
> | installed my 1.4.1 JRE in /opt/java.sun.
> | And java -version tells me that my version of java is 1.1.8 . Apparently,
> | I have two versions of java installed on this machine. How can I
> | explicitly point bash to use the 1.4.1 one instead of the 1.1.8 one?
> You have a few choices :
>     .   use the absolute path

This is currently working, although it is a pain, but it works.

>     .   set up PATH so that the desired one is found first

I did that in /etc/profile (That's where you setup path isn't it? ), but with 
no success.

>     .   create appropriate symlinks

good idea, but messy I believe.

>     .   remove 1.1.8.  It's too old anyways.

apt-get remove java didn't work. Have to figure out the name of the package.

>     .   use 'update-alternatives' to manage the existing symlinks
>             (this is what I recommend, after you install the java package)

"update-alternatives --auto java" didn't do a thing, although it didn't give 
me an error message either.

How about making an alias in .bachrc ?

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