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Running Java program

Hi there:

I have Sun's j2sdk 1.4.1 runtime enviroment installed in my computer. I 
followed the installation instructions, and installed java. I have it in my 
PATH and am using it as a mozilla plugin. Mozilla is able to show webpages 
which use java applets, so I guess my java installation is functional. 
However I tried running a java program ( LimeWire), which in it's 
installation notes, says that I should issue the command "java -jar 
RunLime.jar" in order to run the application. However when I do so I get an 
error message telling me that -jar is an illegal option. There is also an 
alternate way to run the program using -cp option, but doing so also gives me 
an error message telling me that -cp is illegal. I have run this program 
before, when I used RedHat 7.3. 
Any Ideas?
(PS: Off  topic, but I need limewire because I badly need to download Harry 
Potter ;-)


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