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Re: dhcpd: how to quiet DHCPREQUEST in logs

Bill Moseley, 2002-Dec-29 10:44 -0800:
> Running a few dhcp clients ends up generating a lot of DHCPREQUEST
> messages.  I'm not clear how to set the interval that the client sends
> those requests.   I looked at man dhclient.conf but didn't see the
> setting.  I tried setting a "retry" but that was not it.
> In my server I've got 
>   default-lease-time 600;
> but the DHCPREQEST messages are sent from the client every five minutes so
> I think that's not it either.
> Anyone know what setting to adjust?

The default lease time is in seconds, so 600 is 5 minutes.  That's why
the clients make a new request every 5 minutes.  Change that number to
something larger and the requests will match that time.  I use 32400,
which is 9 hours.

> I wouldn't mind removing the messages -- It's an internal LAN so I don't
> really care about the clients renewing.  Is there a way with syslog.conf
> to complete remove them if I wanted to?

There's no way in syslog, but if you use syslog-ng, you can filter out
those messages and send them to their own log file or not log them at


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