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Re: grep freezes system

On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 03:07:36PM +0100, Michael Naumann wrote:
> 29.12.2002 10:51:04, Robert.Land@t-online.de (Robert Land) wrote:
> >Using recursive grep for large directory structures
> >caused the entire system to freeze.
> I once had this, when I tried to access scsi-devices
> with hardware-problems.
> Responsiveness of the whole system went drastically down.
> Hanging applications can also be reproduced when
> trying to access files on a stale nfs mount (if not
> mounted with -o soft)
> >
> >The same happens for "find / * -group xx_x".
> And maybe anything else accessing the problematic file.
> BTW: I think the "*" in your command does not do what you intend.
>   It will be expanded by your shell and the result will
>   be seen as part of the path-list by "find"
>   My guess is, you simply want to get rid of it.

No idea why I had used the asterisk. I noted this command
in file a few weeks ago having in mind to start inquiring
if a simular system failure would popup again.
Leaving the asterisk out made the command working as desired.

Yet this grep thing happened today - I know 64MB RAM is
not quite what you would use nowadays - but I only have
currently a few xterms running and no fancy stuff which
would eat up my mem (swap is nearly untouched).

The last thing grep reports are some binary files and then
jumps out of the line - a few secs after launching.
No error no nothing - you have to unplug the mashine - this
is reproducable but quite wierd too.


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