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Re: ntpdate tip -- hmm? [NEW TOPIC]

John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> [2002-12-28 12:51:12 -0600]:
> Bob Proulx writes:
> > It would be great if ntpdate and ntp-simple both offered to do the very
> > simple configuration of using the existing DNS servers as NTP servers
> I'm considering having chrony do this.  How common is it for an ISPs dns
> servers to provide ntp service?  Mine didn't a few years ago, but now they
> do (though they are 200ms off the stratum 2 server I usually use).

My ISP does.  (But their frontline desk support has no concept of it.)
But I don't know how widespread or not that practice is.  It would
seem to me that any UNIX based ISP would have this as a default.  But
a MS based ISP could do anything.

If you could try it, then test it, then fall back to asking with
debconf if that fails that would seem to be the best possible way to
do this.  It would make a completely painless install for 99.44% of
the users that install it.  I don't know of a bullet proof way to test
NTP availability.  But if that could automatically use the output of
'host -t ns $(dnsdomainname)' or something similar that would be
really interesting.  [But 'host' is in the optional bind9-host package
and so won't work.]

[Drift: As long as I am here a preemptive soapbox.  I hate chatty
installation scripts.  Try installing on a thousand systems.
Therefore I like installations that do most things as automatically as
possible and are mostly quiet when they can't.  I can come back to
finish the configuration later, perhaps using a script across the
machines.  And there always needs to be a way to preconfigure them.
Don't take my suggestions above as a vote to increase the interaction
at installation time.  Far from it.]


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