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Re: ntpdate tip -- hmm? [NEW TOPIC]

On 28 Dec 2002, John Hasler wrote:

> Bob Proulx writes:
> > It would be great if ntpdate and ntp-simple both offered to do the very
> > simple configuration of using the existing DNS servers as NTP servers
> I'm considering having chrony do this.  How common is it for an ISPs dns
> servers to provide ntp service?  Mine didn't a few years ago, but now they
> do (though they are 200ms off the stratum 2 server I usually use).

And related, is there an easy to use command that could be part of chrony
or ntp-simple that could be used to test the servers?  Perhapes even using

I appreciate packages that include a README.Debian that has steps to
verify that things are working as expected.

Bill Moseley moseley@hank.org

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