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Changes in fetchmail

Happy Holidays!

I've had fetchmail on hold because something around 5.9.x broke my SSH
setup. Since a vulnerability was reported today I decided to upgrade
and lo and behold; it now reports "Query status=2 (SOCKET)" when trying
to tunnel a connection over SSH. Without SSH it works dandy.
A little "local debugging" indicates that the local SSH port opens OK,
but when I telnet to it, it immediatly terminates with a
"administratively prohibited" error message. My firewall detects no
blocked packets and normal SSH works to the same host.
I'll go bother my ISP but I just want to hear if any of you have had any
similar experience. Google hasn't turned up anything useful.

Oh, btw, I run SSH with the preconnect command, not plugin.

How can somebody with glasses that thick be that stupid?
                -- Bart Simpson

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