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Re: Linux Command to swith hardware

Bear wrote:

I need to switch monitors, what is the command to switch hardware and drivers?

de@abear.com <mailto:de@abear.com>

You haven't provided enough detail to really deal with this question.

If the new monitor is bigger/better, and you're not switching out the video card, and the monitors are "standard", you should just be able to switch them out without any worries. You might conceivably need to run "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" or "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-common" to tell X about the new monitor's capabilities (assuming you're running X).

If the new monitor is smaller/crankier, you'll probably definitely want to run one of those two commands above (I never remember which one is the one to run for this sort of thing).

If you're running framebuffer, that adds another dimension to the issue.

If this doesn't address your question, you'll need to provide more details.


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