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Re: Handspring Visor (Palm OS) USB sync with gpilotd or?

I'm using jpilot under debian with great success.  Part of the problem
was the device is /dev/ttyUSB1 (not 0).

Thus spake Bret Comstock Waldow (bwaldow@compuserve.com):

> Hi,
> Is ANYONE successfully hotsyncing a Visor or other Palm OS device via
> the USB hotplug system?  I've been using gpilotd with Redhat 7.3, and
> I'm trying to switch to Debian.
> /var/log/messages shows the visor is recognized, but times out without
> transferring anything, and there is a message from the hotplug scripts
> that say there is no kernel or user module for it (even though lsmod
> shows it's loaded).  It seems there's something wrong with the hotplug
> system, but it would be great to hear if anyone else has it working.
> JPilot doesn't work either, for the same reasons.
> Thanks,
> Bret
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