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Re: Sylpheed and mail client

I have found another problem with Sylpheed that I do not think has been
mentioned before:

Sometimes, when I receive mail-list digests, some of the message will
display, but not all of it.  I had tried Sylpheed long ago and had come
across this problem and written to the maintainer, then I forgot about
it until I tried it again when people on the list started recommending

This time, I managed to track down the cause, though not a solution
(although I know that a solution exists, since Netscape does not have
the problem).

The digest in question sends the individual postings as attatchments in
a multi-part mime posting.  In the headers is a line that says what the
dividing line between postings is.  This digest uses a line of dashes
(28 dashes in the header line, to be precise).  Any time that someone
divides a section of their posting by using a line of dashes, as I often
do myself, Sylpheed will take that as the end of the posting and look
for the next sections headers.  When it does not find the headers it
gives up and decides that it must be at the end of the entire e-mail.  I
noticed the problem quickly, this time, because the first poster used a
line of dashes in his posting and there were about 20 posts in the
digest.  Only the first one shows up.

Everything is present in the posting, however.  If I edit the line of
dashes in the first posting to start with any other character then the
rest of the message, with all of the attatchments, shows up in
Sylpheed.  Obviously, using a more complex, and less likely to be used
by accident, section divider would mostly eliminate this problem from
the standpoint of a particular digest, but the mailer should be able to
prevent the problem.  I do not know how to prevent this, but I know that
it can be done, since Netscape shows all of the postings from all of my
digests.  This is why I am still using Netscape.  Bloated though it may
be, it does the job correctly. 

Does anyone know of any way to prevent this problem in Sylpheed?

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