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Re: Sylpheed and mail client

On Mon, 23 Dec 2002 18:29:24 -0500
Marc Shapiro <mshapiro@inetone.net> wrote:

> I have found another problem with Sylpheed that I do not think has
> been mentioned before:
> Sometimes, when I receive mail-list digests, some of the message will
> display, but not all of it.  I had tried Sylpheed long ago and had
> come across this problem and written to the maintainer, then I forgot
> about it until I tried it again when people on the list started
> recommending it.

The mail list at sylpheed-claws-users@lists.sourceforge.net is pretty
active, try reposting this there.

> This time, I managed to track down the cause, though not a solution
> (although I know that a solution exists, since Netscape does not have
> the problem).
> The digest in question sends the individual postings as attatchments
> in a multi-part mime posting.  In the headers is a line that says what
> the dividing line between postings is.  This digest uses a line of
> dashes(28 dashes in the header line, to be precise).  Any time that
> someone divides a section of their posting by using a line of dashes,
> as I often do myself, Sylpheed will take that as the end of the
> posting and look for the next sections headers.  When it does not find
> the headers it gives up and decides that it must be at the end of the
> entire e-mail.  I noticed the problem quickly, this time, because the
> first poster used a line of dashes in his posting and there were about
> 20 posts in the digest.  Only the first one shows up.
> Everything is present in the posting, however.  If I edit the line of
> dashes in the first posting to start with any other character then the
> rest of the message, with all of the attatchments, shows up in
> Sylpheed.  Obviously, using a more complex, and less likely to be used
> by accident, section divider would mostly eliminate this problem from
> the standpoint of a particular digest, but the mailer should be able
> to prevent the problem.  I do not know how to prevent this, but I know
> that it can be done, since Netscape shows all of the postings from all
> of my digests.  This is why I am still using Netscape.  Bloated though
> it may be, it does the job correctly. 
> Does anyone know of any way to prevent this problem in Sylpheed?
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