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Re: Macintosh formatted FD's usable in Debian?

Toku wrote:

I would like to just occasionally transfer a file to an olde
Macintosh LC II that is not connected to any network to utilize
a laser printer attached to it.

For this reason I would like to know wether it is possible to
read/write Macintosh formatted floppy disks from within the
Debian GNU/Linux OS?

If your floppy disk is DOS formatted the Mac should be able to read it and you can mount it and write to it on the Linux box. You can format it on Linux or the Mac - on the Mac I think it is in the finder menu - erase disk or something.

On Linux, mount /floppy then cp rm mv etc. to the /floppy directory.

The way you don't have to mess with kernel modules or other Linux utilities.

Hope this helps,

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