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kdm sessions menu forgets ...

I have added window maker to my sessions manager, used the .deb package AOK 
works a treat. I now have a wmaker option to boot into from kdm.

I also have fluxbox installed. I compiled it form source because I needed the 
latest version. I added a session fluxbox from the KDE controll center. AOK 
worked a treat, had a fluxbox option on the kdm menu except ...

It keeps forgetting fluxbox. I keep telling kde controll centre its there, it 
lasts for a boot or two then defaults back to no fluxbox though wmaker is 
still there.

Does a .deb file do something more to fix a session in kdm ???
Any ideas ??

The sessions are held in ..

I have tried editing these directly, it works OK for a while then defaults !!


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