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Re: ntpd / ntpdate on a dialup line

On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 08:08:10AM -0700, Mark Zimmerman wrote:
> Greetings:
> With all the traffic on ntp stuff recently, I thought this would be a
> good time to ask:
> Is there a better solution than ntpdate on a dialup machine?
> Currently, I run it from an ip-up.d script. I was looking to see if
> ntpd could run continuously but only make external connections when it
> "knows" that the link is up, where "knows" is somehow provided to it
> externally. There doesn't seem to be such a capability.
> No big deal, though; at least the ip-up.d script will usually not add
> to the thunderclap effect.

I run chrony on my gateway.  It syncs with a bunch of time servers on
ppp-up, and runs continuously to keep track of the hardware clock drift.
I've also set it up to provide ntp services to my local network
(  Since my gateway is always on, my client
machines can just happily sync against it anytime they like, and since I
dialup at least once a day to collect mail, it all Just Works (tm).


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