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Re: Ntfs Problems

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 08:21:34PM +0100, Pifta wrote:
> Hm when the writing to an ntfs partition is so dangerous, then i think i
> must to convert my partition to vfat or Ext2, but how can i do it whitout
> reformatting the partition?
> Is there a program what can convert it safely? Or i must reformatting my
> winchester with fat32 or Ext2 file system?

You're going to have to reformat.  If you want Windows to be able to
read the partition, fat32 and ntfs are your only choices, since Windows
has *extremly* limited file system support (not due to technical
problems, but due to marketing/competition/monopoly desires).

> I had seen the man page for mount, and i find the options, but i don't
> know wich uid will be good. When i write in a uid then this user will be
> the owner but what will be the other users? When i added gid too that do
> nothing while the group not get the read and execute rights. So so
> the better for me to convert the fs to vfat, or something else, or not?

fat32 has no concept of file permissions (or attributes or...), so
you're SOL there for a neat solution.  NTFS does, but the model is
completely different to that of Unix, so that doesn't help either.  The
best you can do is open it up to read-only by *everyone* with writing
only by a specific group, or try UMSDOS to layer a Unix-ish filesystem
on top of it.  It's hacky and slow, but it might be what you want...


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