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Re: Saving a system

nate said:

> Gerald V. Livingston II said:
>> I'm dumping an old P-90 so I can give the machine to a friend.
>> When I am in single mode can I safely umount /usr and /var then link
>> their
>> new locations after I copy them over to one of the hard drives. This
> yes. I've done this tons of times, never had a problem.
> nate

Thanks. I'm in the process now of uninstalling every package that's
not needed. When I'm done I should be able to get it all moved back
onto ine drive and have it bootable to console. I had all kinds of
garbage -- X, mp3 files, every game available, etc. spread out over a
1G scsi and a 3G and 4G IDE drive. I'm apt-get and dpkg purging
everything I can think of right now.

What's amazing is that this system was taken down when potato was
FROZEN, not released. I did get it connected to the network (it was a
dial up box but had a NIC installed but not initialized -- added a
stanza to 'interfaces' and it came right up) and when I di an
update/upgrade there were 233 packages needing upgrade just to make it
a "stable" version of potato. <grin>

If I were at home I'd just transfer the files to my own machine. But,
I don't want to transfer several hundreg meg over the T1 here at work
out to the house.



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