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Re: Sylpheed and mail clients (was: Can Kmail be used outside of KDE)?

On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Shawn Lamson wrote:

> Did you right click on "Mailbox (MH)" folder and "rebuild folder tree" ?

No, but that does seem to fix it.  I wonder why it keeps getting off in   
its counts.

> >    http://hank.org/images/sylpheed.png

> That image looks just like mine - it looks like you have "short" lines
> but then when you send it should wrap correctly.

Yes, it does fix it when sending.  But it sure isn't very nice to look at
when responding to the long emails my boss writes.

> > also include things like URLs that you do not want wrapped?

> I don't know about this, sorry... i just put a colon and the url on
> it's own line, if it still wraps that the receivers issue :) for
> example:

> http://madzimambo.sytes.net:8080/israel/FactsOfIsrael

> I know that isnt long enough to wrap though, sorry.

but you don't have wrap turned on (your paragraphs are coming in
unwrapped and I'm using Pine's ^J to rewrap).

> I use claws and get the CVS version compiled regularly...  obviously
> sylpheed-claws isnt perfect, but for every "darn" I get one "cool",
> know what I mean? :)

I agree.  It has a lot of cool features, which is why I'm trying really
hard to use it.  Just wish it did the standard things well, too! ;)

> You could try posting to sylpheed-claws-users@sourceforge.lists.com with your issues too.

I will, again.  Thanks for your time.

Bill Moseley moseley@hank.org

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