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Re: interface problem w/ different ip/subnets/link

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 11:47:22AM +0800, louie miranda wrote:
> this is my second post actually and did'nt find any answers.

Um, why are you not starting a new thread?  Your question seems quite
unrelated to the thread you're posting under.  If you did this
perviously, then that might explain why nobody answered you.

> it goes something like this.
> i have 3 interfaces eth0, eth1 and eth2
> eth0 - connects directly to the internet via 512 Kbp/s
> eth1 - is my private network
> eth2 - is my other connection thru the internet via 256 Kbp/s
> eth0's ip is:
> eth1's ip block is:
> eth2's ip is:
> Now the problem is when i add eth2's IP my whole connection
> going to is not passing thru, btw. All route going
> outside is via eth0. My plan would be using those two, but thats
> a different story.

You have routing issues.  Post the full output of 'route -n' and we'll
see what we can do.


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