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Re: Configuring XFree86 version 4

Thus spake Bob Proulx (bob@proulx.com):

> Deryk Barker <dbarker@turing.cs.camosun.bc.ca> [2002-12-19 14:27:15 -0800]:
> > Has anyone persuaded the confiuration of xserver-xfree86 version 4 to
> > produce a usable XF86Config-4?
> Yes.  Many times.
> > I've tried saying both yes and no to the framebuffer questin, which
> > was fingered in an earlier discussion of this, but neither works, and
> > I'm stuck in the "no screens found" mess.
> Start with framebuffer no.  Some drivers support it and some do not.
> The 'nv' free software nvidia driver does not, for example.  But the
> proprietary nvidia driver does.
> > Is there something obvious to look for? (Using Gefore 4 MX - vesa
> > driver - and generic monitor 1024x768@70Hz).
> To the best of my knowledge the nVidea GeForce uses the 'nv' driver
> not the 'vesa' driver.  But I only have installed about six of those
> so far and so I could be wrong.  Try reconfiguring using 'nv' with
> framebuffer no.  I am guessing that will work.

'fraid not - No Devices found. The latest hardware compatibility HOWTO
says that vesa is the module to use for Geforce 4.
> Have you installed 'gpm', yes or no?  Do you have a usb, ps2, imps2 or
> other mouse.  Might as well ask as those will be the next questions.

No to gpm. ps2 mouse.

I had this same problem when I installed debian on my (about to be)
ex-machine (TNT2 card). Eventually I "cheated" by retrieving the old
config file M*****ke had built for me. Unfortunately that doesn't work
on the new system - and I'd like to be able to let debconf manage

I have tried the simple, medium and advanced options in attempting to
reconfigure and they all resuilt in the same problem:

	    Screen(s) found but none have a usable configuration

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