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Re: simple exim configuration

Alan Chandler wrote:

Can you tell me what configuration causes any of those connections
(except for those which have already been answered in this thread).

Runs as a daemon (debian package loaded and started by /etc/init.d/fetchmail) - - I have listed some of my /etc/fetchmailrc below (I actually poll several seperate ISPs and I also have 5 different blueyonder user lines for different accounts)

Did you use fetchmailconf to generate /etc/fetchmailrc? I have run it several times and now it doesn't run. It spends about a minute with an hourglass and then the hourglass disappears. This is true whether I am logged in as root or paul. I have looked in several log files without finding any clues.

A .fetchmailrc was generated in my (paul) home directory which looked similar to yours


I have the same line in /etc/inetd.conf as you do.

I wasn't the one posting about relaying.

I trust this lot answers your questions - sorry its a bit long. If you need any part explained, copy it back and I will try and answer.
I'll get back to any other parts if necessary.



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