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Re: simple exim configuration

Alan Chandler wrote:

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I'll copy this back to the list

Thanks.  I forgot to readdress the last two here to the list.

On Friday 20 December 2002 10:44 pm, you wrote:
I haven't changed what was installed.  I now wonder what the
relationship between the 640 here and the 660 in exim.conf.  Is group
write necessary?

I don't think exim was the last programme to write to the file - it would have set the mode to 660.

[or at least if its local_delivery that is delivering the file. It could be being delivered by another route - for instance procmail?]

I am a little confused by what you are using in your mail chain after all the advice. The simplest this is

Fetchmail ->smtp->exim->/var/spool/mail/paul->mutt

Yes, that's what I'm trying at the moment. Unfortunately fetchmailconf has stopped working. The only clues I presently have (with my limited experience) is that when I do 'inetd restart' I find in /var/log/daemon.log:

Dec 21 01:10:23 joy inetd[32608]: restart: No such file or directory

but for instance, I do

fetchmail ->smtp->exim (as MTA)->pipe->spamassassin->exim(as sendmail)->$HOME/Maildir->courier->pop3->kmail

Can you tell me what configuration causes any of those connections (except for those which have already been answered in this thread).

So you can end up with quite a range of things getting in the way.

Yes!  Especially when I'm sure how some of the connections are made.



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