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Re: simple exim configuration

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On Sunday 22 December 2002 5:44 am, Paul Scott wrote:

> Did you use fetchmailconf to generate /etc/fetchmailrc?   I have run it
> several times and now it doesn't run.  It spends about a minute with an
> hourglass and then the hourglass disappears.  This is true whether I am
> logged in as root or paul.  I have looked in several log files without
> finding any clues.

No - I hand crafted it - and tweaked it - over several months.  I only showed 
a very small snippet of it, because at one time (I have cut back a bit) I was 
polling 4 ISPs with several accounts on each.  Right now I am on a cable 
modem, but when I started it was dialup

> A .fetchmailrc was generated in my (paul) home directory which looked
> similar to yours

In my case fetchmail is a system wide thing, its collecting mail on behalf of 
my whole family and runs as a daemon from startup (I can't remember what I 
had to tweak on the debian setup to do this, I think it was just set the 
correct values in /etc/default/fetchmail)

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Alan Chandler
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