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Re: ISA PnP boot up

Jeffrey Taylor said:

> Thanks Nate.  I eventually found that.  My problem now is that the
> i82365.o module complains when loaded about "init_module: Device or
> resource busy" when I try and start the pcmcia service.  It's an ISA card
> reader, so I thought the ISA PnP wasn't up.
> Anyone have any ideas or Web sites to debug this tangle?

typically this means the device is misconfigured. Possibly an IRQ or
I/O conflict, you can try tweaking the settings in isapnp.conf and reloading
isapnp(you may need to reboot though to clear the resource usage, not sure).
Another reason for this message is it could be the wrong module for the
hardware, or the module may not have support for that particular piece of
hardware. I've never used ISA PCMCIA readers but a good bet may be to
run google for 'linux isapnp your_hardware_here' and see what comes up ..

good luck!


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