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cups and hpijs driver - follow up

Attempting to set up HP DeskJet960c on Linux Woody box.

I have made progress which makes failure that much more frustrating at this

First I got both the KDElibs3-cups utility and the CUPs administration tool
to recognize and even allow me to configure the printer by 1. removing all
the printer related packages I could find and deleting any related leftover
directories and files I could find. The only thing I left on (that I know
of) was the /usr/share/CUPS/models/ ppd. Then I reinstalled:

cupsys -pstoraster

Now the only problem is that although the printer does respond to being
given a test page to print (either from the KDE tool or from the CUPs admin
tool...or for that matter by attempting to print a file)...all that happens
is that a blank sheet of paper gets sent through the printer without any
printing being done.

Can anyone provide any insight as to what I am missing here?

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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