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Ntfs Problems


I have the following problem: When I want to mount an ntfs filesystem, it
works, but the mounted fs seems readable writeable and executeable
for the root, but root can't do chmod, and the fs isn't available for
other users.
I want it mount so, that the users can read it too.

When i write the mount -o remount,rw /dev/hdc1 command then the
/mnt/stuffz directory will be writeable, and i can do chmod, but the
subdirectories are still readable only for the root.

I have this in \etc\fstab :
/dev/hdc1	/mnt/stuffz	ntfs	rw,user			0	0

I compiled in the kernel v2.4.20  the NTFS file system support(read-only) and
the NTFS write support.

I don't know why won't work... Pleas help me a little bit.


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