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Re: Ntfs Problems

Am Sam, 2002-12-21 um 18.56 schrieb Pifta:
> Hi!
> I have the following problem: When I want to mount an ntfs filesystem, it
> works, but the mounted fs seems readable writeable and executeable
> for the root, but root can't do chmod, and the fs isn't available for
> other users.
> I want it mount so, that the users can read it too.
> When i write the mount -o remount,rw /dev/hdc1 command then the
> /mnt/stuffz directory will be writeable, and i can do chmod, but the

AFAIK writing to ntfs partitions is very experimental, at least it was
when i last checked it.

> subdirectories are still readable only for the root.
> I have this in \etc\fstab :
> /dev/hdc1	/mnt/stuffz	ntfs	rw,user			0	0
> I compiled in the kernel v2.4.20  the NTFS file system support(read-only) and
> the NTFS write support.
> I don't know why won't work... Pleas help me a little bit.

Here comes the little bit:

man mount, look for ntfs mount options uid/gid and umask (man umask)


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