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Re: Linux box loses internet connection...

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 02:01:26AM -0800, alan brown wrote:
| I have 2 boxes with Debian installed.  I thought I'd done things pretty
| similarly but they must have diverged at some point, because one of the
| boxes is prone to losing touch with the network.  If the power adapter
| slips out of my switch (if I knock it for instance) and is then
| replaced, then one of my debian machines immediately knows its place in
| the world but the other one needs rebooting in order to be able to ping
| the other boxes or find anything on the internet.

I doubt it really needs rebooting.  More likely running
    ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0
would restore it.

| Does anyone know what might be causing this fragility in one machine but
| not the other?

How is the network set up?  What sort of hardware?  What sort of
addressing scheme?  When you power up the switch, does the "link"
light come on (both on the switch and the NIC)?

I have a sort of similar situation with a laptop.  It has a PCMCIA NIC
and obtains its address via DHCP.  If I close the laptop's cover the
machine will suspend.  After reopening the cover I need to run the
above command to reset the interface or else I won't have networking.
In my case I'm certain the problem is related to the hardware/software
not returning from suspend as would be expected.


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