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Huge (1.9GB) .xsession-errors file

    I'm running LTSP (Thin clients), on Woody, and recently my most popular application, The Gimp, started to cause huge  .xsession-errors files, the file would grow until it took 100% of the partition in a mather of minutes. The files contains millions of identical lines:
"gimp segmentation fault", or to that affect. This happens on different client, but with the same hardware, and to different users.

Since I can't babysit the LTSP-server, I had to remove The Gimp, sadly, the kids loves it. 

I'm wondering what I can to to solve this problem. What is the problem with The Gimp? Whta can I do to stop .xsession-errors from growing so huge? This is truely a stopper.

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