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Compiling software on a Debian system..

Hello everyone.

I have a few questions and or points of confusions I need to clarify..

I setup Debian 3.0 and run stable.

When I setup the box I installed qpopper and the end result was it wouldn't do what I wanted to do (work) so I apt-get source qpopper to /usr/local/src

I go in and edit the debian/rules file to put in my own configure commands I want qpopper to have.

I get the command: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b to run w/o any errors and it makes the proper .deb files for me: qpopper_4.0.4-2.woody.1_i386.deb

I do dpkg -i qpopper_4.0.4-2.woody.1_i386.deb

All is good..

The other day I do: apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade and it upgraded my qpopper to a none working install again..

I went back and re-installed my qpopper_*.deb file from before and this time I put it on hold..

I tried to do apt-get source qpopper to do my manual compile but it comes down as the same files I already have..


Why is it apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade now thinks qpopper should be updated, even though the source download is the same as I already have, unless the new qpopper* source isn't updated...

I like to compile, is there easier ways, of getting your compile options in to a program rather than having to edit the debian/rules file?

Seems like when go to recompile, it should ask you what configure flags you want for that program, rather than using the packagers flags, I mean you are re-compiling it for some reason :)

Anyway any pointers you can through at me will be appreciated..



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