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Re: Compiling software on a Debian system..

> Why is it apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade now thinks qpopper should be
> updated, even though the source download is the same as I already have,
> unless the new qpopper* source isn't updated...

because the checksums don't match .. you need to override this
by putting the package on hold:

(first, reinstall your newer qpopper .deb)
dpkg --get-selections >selections
(edit selections, find qpopper, change the word install to hold)

dpkg --set-selections <selections

now when you do apt-get upgrade it will say that package is held

> I like to compile, is there easier ways, of getting your compile options
> in  to a program rather than having to edit the debian/rules file?

not that I'm aware of ..

> Seems like when go to recompile, it should ask you what configure flags
> you  want for that program, rather than using the packagers flags, I mean
> you  are re-compiling it for some reason :)

I suppose, but much of what i recompile from source I don't change
the flags, usually because I am building from a different tree(e.g.
building from testing or unstable on stable). But it can go farther
then that, changing build options can change the dependencies as well,
some programs have very intricate dependencies, OpenLDAP is one that I
can think of that has such a setup. It is at least possible that
changing the options would change the dependencies to a point where
the required software packages are not available in debian, or it may
require rebuilding other packages from source too.


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