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exim config questions

these are questions that surface for me every time I do an installation
and i'm still confused about them
1. qualify-domain and local_domains;a
If I put my isp's domain, it works but if I send to somebody else at the
same domain it gets treated as local and never goes anywhere outside my
If I put my machine name for both, I may get "host unknown' when sending.
If I put my isp's domain for qualify_domain and my machine name for
local_domains (with localhost), I may end up with a loop where mail that
should be local goes back out to my isp. And i'm not sure where using
/etc/email-addresses comes in here either.
There also would be the option of putting my fqdn in one or both places:
machinename.isp.com; is this what should be in either or both places?
My machinename is n't a registered domain or anythig, just the name i've
given my machine.

Also, after changing /etc/exim/exim.conf, the documentation says to give
exim the 'sighup' signal so the new configuration will be used. Just
exactly how do I do this? It does appear that re-booting starts exim with
the configuration changes but obviously this is not what the documentation
is saying to do.



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