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Re: webcam recommendation

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 09:42, Kevin Coyner wrote:
> I need to hook up a webcam to my Debian box and am looking for
> recommendations for a cam (hardware) and software.  
> It would be nice if the software programs wasn't a nightmare to
> configure, but I would like it to be able to load the images into a
> webserver either on the same box OR FTP it to a different box that is
> running a webserver.
> Thanks
> Kevin

There are packages that will handle the image grabbing and uploading to
local or remote server for you - while I could list off what I can see,
it probably makes more sense for you to enter "apt-cache search webcam"
to see what is available for your selected Debian mirrors and package
selections - off-hand, I've heard good things on camserv. Most want to
work with Video4Linux, which means that you need it either as modules or
compiled into the kernel, and a camera that is supported by it. After
that, the considerations tend to resort more to price and image quality.
You know your wallet and eye better than any of us, but the main
consideration on the technical side is to find out what the internal
imaging processor is - when it comes to how the cameras then operate,
for webcams they don't tend to be too fancy, the chip works relatively
the same from one camera to the next. Once you have that, information is
easier to Google down on Linux cooperation and quirks.
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