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Re: intel 7.0 compilers; rpm malfunctioning

On Thursday 19 December 2002 01:08 am, Oleg wrote:
> P.P.S To preemptively answer the inevitable question why I want Intel
> compilers in addition to GCC: I'm interested in high-performance
> numeric computing, looking at the code Intel compilers generate, and
> comparing different compilers' performance.

Our university funded DOE ASCI center went through a similar comparison 
with a large C++ code.  We actually had several Intel engineers bang 
away on the compilers trying to tweak compiler flags and the code 
itself.  Even turning on special undocumented flags, and tweaking the 
code, the performance was no better than using gcc.  In fact the 
optimizations they did to the code also helped gcc.  We didn't find 
that the Intel compilers would yield any benefit.  Your mileage will 
vary though.  Good luck

John Schmidt

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