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Re: Debian System requirements

-> hello! i was looking for the system reuqirements for
-> debian, but not the normal ones. I'm looking for the
-> newest distro that will run on a 486/66dx2 with 24
-> megs of ram and a 1 gig hdd. i heard that debian would
-> be the best for this machine, and I searched for a
-> long time with different search engines without any
-> results. please help me!! thanks!


I run debian3.0/woody on 486dx2/66 with 24 megs of ram and 540MB HDD. 
I had 200 MB HDD and 16 mb before, the system ran without problems, just the
memory was low to run dselect. 

so you can run debian there, it depends on what do you want to do with that
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