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Re: Debian System requirements

At 07:07 PM 12/9/02 -0800, Ben Jamer wrote:
>hello! i was looking for the system reuqirements for
>debian, but not the normal ones. I'm looking for the
>newest distro that will run on a 486/66dx2 with 24
>megs of ram and a 1 gig hdd. 

the answer is yes, and no

you can do a base install no problem.

from there it depends what you're trying to do with it.

text mode web-browsing,  emailing, and text editing will be 

limited file/print/email/firewalling and web serving will also work.

you *might* be able to get a graphical environment going, 
but only something very stripped back. (no KDE or GNOME,
probably not enlightenment, most other windowmanagers 
might be OK)

icewm looks a lot like windows and could be OK.

from there lightweight programs might work for you,

ie abiword for word processing, but don't even think about 
Open Office, dillo for webrowsing, maybe phoenix.

you'd better figure out your needs and wants very carefully.

given what you can buy second hand for $200 it might not 
be worth your time.


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