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Distribution tailored for education

My department has recently (hallelujah!) and after much controversy
decided to install linux in our labs. It will have to be dual bot with
Windoze, but that's life, and by the by.

What I was wodnering was this: it seemed a good idea to produce our
own distribution which we could hand to the students (particularly the
first years, some of whom have very little experience) for them to
install on their home systems and have the same desktop setup as at
school. (Before I go on I should point out that we are a community
college, not high school, so our requirements are somewhat different -
e.g. java)

It also seemed obvious to me (the recent convert) that basing it on RH
or similar would be creating an ongoing upgrade problem for ourselves
and the students (and the distinct likelihood of their getting
themselves into "RPM dependency hell" - I spent some time there myself
before seeing the light) so I now need to persuade our very
RH-oriented techhie to go with Debian.

So: am I about to reinvent the wheel? Has somebody already done this
or similar? Are there any resources people know about? Pointers?

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