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upgrade from 3.0r0 to 3.0r1


I would like to upgrade my box. But since I have no web access @home, the
system was installed from official Debian CDs. Now I would like to
preapare a CD with _only_ the packages required to upgrade my box. I
believe there is an easy way (like 'get all packages from
http://.../woody-updates' or something) to do this. Can you give me some

BTW: I would like all sections, ie. also non-free, non-US etc.

BTW II: how to make a non-free CD to get all non-free packages at once? I
used to do this by downloading the directory structure and burning a CD,
it's quite easy, but I was wondering whether jigdo or something could do
this for me. Since I don't distribute those non-free CDs I don't violate
any copyright issues, do I?

Please be kind to CC reply to this message to agalant@poczta.onet.pl since
I have not subscribed to the list.



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