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intel 7.0 compilers; rpm malfunctioning


I'm trying to install Intel C++ 7.0 compiler on a Debian machine. It comes as 
a bunch of RPMs and installation scripts, as well as the FLEX license 
manager. I tried doing
rpm --force --nodeps -i *.i386.rpm
but rpm complains about failed dependencies. For some reason, it ignores my 
instructions to ignore the dependencies! Why?


P.S. I had previously successfully installed an earlier, 6.0, version of the 
compiler on a different Debian machine using "rpm --force --nodeps -i". 
Alien-generated DEBs install only with "--force-overwrite" and then essential 
files, such as the compiler itself, are missing.  Besides, Intel uses its own 
/opt/intel directory, so using RPMs should be OK.

P.P.S To preemptively answer the inevitable question why I want Intel 
compilers in addition to GCC: I'm interested in high-performance numeric 
computing, looking at the code Intel compilers generate, and comparing 
different compilers' performance.

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