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Re: simple exim configuration

At 11:17 PM 12/18/02 -0700, Paul Scott wrote:
>What do I need to do to get exim to get mail from my ISP?  Or at least 
>where is the best document or tutorial to read to answer my own questions?

exim doesn't fetch mail

fetchmail fetches mail.

from the sound of it you don't really need exim (or any MTA) at all, but you 
might want to have it configured to forward mail to your ISP - up to you.

if you're going to be sending all your mail from mozilla mail it might not be 
worth worrying about.

if you want to use mutt then go with option 3 for a satellite system from
and set your  aliases the way you need them

fetchmail to get the mail, procmail to sort it, mozilla or mutt to display it,

you're all set.


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