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external router [was: Re: getting networking to work]

On 12/18/02 16:12, Adam Majer wrote:

:) With Linux you don't even need a router or most of the other
things. The only thing that is useful on a "normal" network
with "linux-aware admins" are switches and hubs. Linux can do all
the routing (hence the routing tables in Linux), NAT, bandwidth managment (qdisc stuff here) and much much more.
Frankly, a router in all but some extraordinary situations
is useless - well, my opinion at least :)

Definately proven, in application ;-)

But I was thinking that there are some benefits: blocking, obfuscation, filtering, etc. And the fact I could hook another machine to it so access could be shared.

I don't know very much, yet--not even to the stage of using iptables, etc. Time be time, I guess ;-)


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