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Re: getting networking to work [was Re: ethernet card]

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 08:41:11AM -0500, Andrew Hurt wrote:

| I can't get to the in the router

| #ifconfig -v eth0 >
| Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:30:F1:3F:23:A1
| inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
                    ^                                    ^^^

According to the addressing here, the router's interface is on a
different network than your NIC.  In order for IP packets to move from
one network to another, a router must exist to connect the two
networks.  However, you don't have that.

Here's what you currently have :

Node        Node Address        Network Address

(note: I'm making an assumption as to the netmask of the router's
interface since it wasn't mentioned in the email.  Nonetheless,
knowing the address and netmask of your NIC, I know it isn't on the
same network)

For that layout to work, you would need a router on both the network (with address since that's the
gateway you configured for the NIC) and on the network
to route packets from the one to the other.  The simpler solution,
since both the NIC and the router are on the same ethernet segment, is
to change the address of one (or both) of them so that they are on the
same network.

| Dec 15 23:13:54 HaPPy kernel: eth0: Accton MPX EN5251B rev 17 at 0xe082b000,
| 00:30:F1:3F:23:A1, IRQ 4.

The NIC works fine.  You have ethernet connectivity.  Now you need to
work on IP connectivity.


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