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Re: Re: Kernel problems: QM_MODULES

 David Z Maze <dmaze@debian.org> wrote:
>"Tobias Bengtsson"  writes:
>> I just recently started a new project; to put together a new
>> firewall/gatway/webserver/etc at home. Now, I installed Debian 3.0
>> on an old p2-machine and then I did an dist-upgrade to the latest
>> unstable/testing.  Everything worked just fine, but then I decided
>> to compile a new kernel and that's when the problems started. I
>> downloaded the latest kernel (2.5.49) and started configuring it
>> according to my personal needs, and I then did a make install as
>> well as make modules, and make modules_install.
If you want to build such a machine, you should be using stable or testing
not unstable. Also, kernel 2.4.20 would me more than adequate. You do not
need a 2.5.49 kernel for a server.
To compile a kernel the debian way, install the kernel package or look at this site: http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/system/kernel-pkg.html.
The debian reference is also a good place to start:
http://qref.sourceforge.net/, it's also available as a package.

As gateway / firewall sollution, have a look at shorewall. It's very good and the debian maintainer always releases the latest packages fast.
All configuration is done through easy understandable config files.
I prefer it over ipmasq which is a package that practically does the same.


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