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Re: New Pppconfig --Please Test

On 12/18/02 17:21, Pigeon wrote:
On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 09:24:09AM -0500, Andrew Hurt wrote:

On 12/17/02 23:40, John Hasler wrote:

I've just uploaded pppconfig 2.1 to Unstable.  It contains few user visible
changes but substantial internal ones.  I would appreciate tests and bug
reports.  Dynamic-dns should work properly now: please test it.

I can only find 2.0.15 (June)--am I missing something? ;-)


I've just downloaded this and used it to reconfigure my ukonline
connection to use dynamic DNS. Result....

IT WORKS!!! Thanks John! Brilliant.

Yes; thanks for the update.

Works well, as usual (but I don't seem to know a thing about dns, and don't know what I should look for) ;-)

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